Alien Pilot – The Way She Goes


“The Way She Goes” Consisting of 2 tracks making for Alien Pilot’s first ever EP & debut with the label Sculpted Sounds from California! Both tracks are high powered, full on dancefloor groovers with lot’s of twists & turns with a combination of his humorous side!

From Alien Pilot: “Now for a quick story on this EP, originally the first track ‘Liquor Sandwiches’ was created in 2019 but I was very unhappy with my result so I crumpled it up and threw it in the trash, last year I decided to recreate the track from scratch while using some of the previous sounds.. and now I couldn’t be any happier with the final result! Long story short, NEVER GIVE UP. And for the 2nd track ‘The Way She Goes’ Lawrence Chavoya asked me to create a track to compliment Liquor Sandwiches, doing so I came up with the perfect idea ‘The Way She Goes’ becauseā€¦ that’s just the way she goes !!!
If you know you know, but these two tracks are highly influenced and dedicated to one of my all time favorite Canadian comedies ‘Trailer Park Boys'”

Artwork by Blackburn Studio

Mastering by Plus Six Mastering