The Psyntist – Top 20 Year Mix 2021


Fresh off the mixer of the Psyntist, here is his Top 20 of 2021 set!

“Thank you for your patience with this one and I assure you it was worth the wait! I had such a good time putting this one together and an even better time mixing it! Here you can listen to tracks that I played throughout 2021 and also tunes that I listened to quite frequently! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did and I’m always open to any feedback any of you may have! Much love and appreciation for the support and I’m beyond stoked for next weekend Brazilian Heat: VEGAS (BR) + V.FALABELLA (BR) Take care and enjoy!”

– The Psyntist


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1. IKØN – Moonbow (Original Mix) (TechSafari Records)
2. Faders – Flying Objects (IKØN Remix) (TechSafari Records)
3. Refocus – We Are Here (Original Mix) (TechSafari Records)
4. Stryker, Mad Maxx – Forms of Life (Original Mix) (United Beats Records)
5. Morganic – Pandora (Original Mix) (United Beats Records)
6. Astrix – Adventure Mode (Spectra Sonics Remix) (Shamanic Tales)
7. Krunch, Transpose(CA) – Higher State (Original Mix) (TechSafari Records)
8. Ephemeris, Solitary Shell – Maelstrom (Original Mix) (Sahman Records)
9. Ajja – Forest Cure (Original Mix) (Superfluid Sound)
10. Chronosphere – Sweet Nightmare (Original Mix) (Digital Om)
11. Reborn, X-side – Biological (Original Mix) (Sonoora Records)
12. MoRsei, West Galaxy – Spirit Realm (Original Mix) (Digital Om)
13. Space Travellers – Sonic Alchemy (Original Mix) (TechSafari Records)
14. Kalki, Lunarave – Another State of Matter (Original Mix) (TechSafari Records)
15. Ephemeris – On a Planet Without Life (Original Mix) (TechSafari Records)
16. Avalon – Another Dimension (Electric Universe Remix) (Nano Records)
17. Electric Universe – Millenia (Faders & Spectra Sonics Remix) (Sacred Technology)
18. Astrix – Tweaky (Volcano Remix) (Sacred Technology)
19. Sierra, Ephemeris – Bending Gates (Original Mix) (Sahman Records)
20. Space Tribe – Taking an Acid Trip feat. Jon Klein (Original Mix) (Space Tribe Music)