The Psyntist – Live at Psychedelic Babylon Pres. Brazilian Heat


Live set by the Psyntist


  1. Liquid Soul, Zyce – We Come in Peace feat. Solar Kid (Synthatic Remix) (Iboga Records)
  2. Hyriderz, Sound Era – Life is Only a Dream (Original Mix) (United Beats Records)
  3. Solarix, Animato – Expecting You (Original Mix) (Iboga Records)
  4. Doppler – Isn’t Real (Original Mix) (TechSafari Records)
  5. Mercuroid – Miakoda (Original Mix) (Expo Records)
  6. Silent Sphere – You Are Everything (Abat & Mercuroid Remix) (Iboga Records)
  7. Volcano – Mushrooms (Original Mix) (Sacred Technology)
  8. Pixel, M-Theory – Receptors (Skyfall Remix) (Nano Records)
  9. Reborn, Mercuroid – Aiyana (Original Mix) (Expo Records)
  10. Neutro – Hypnosis (Shyisma Remix) (Iono Music)
  11. GMS, Pixel, Jiri – Dancy Pants (Original Mix) (Stereo Society)
  12. GMS, Pixel, Jiri – Mister Mystery (Original Mix) (Stereo Society)
  13. Becker, Avan7 – Lose Yourself (Original Mix) (Sonoora Records)
  14. Outsiders – Spiral of Colours (Magic Remix) (Sacred Technology)
  15. Freak Control – Essence of Life (Original Mix) (Iono Music)
  16. Relative – Surya (Original Mix) (Dacru Records)
  17. V-Society – Agents of Liberation (Original Mix) (Digital Om)
  18. Chronosphere – Sweet Nightmare (Original Mix) (Digital Om)
  19. Becker – Cyberdelic World (Original Mix) (DM7 Records)
  20. Astrix – Tweaky (Volcano Remix) (Sacred Technology)
  21. Kalki, Lunarave – Another State of Matter (Original Mix) (TechSafari Records)
  22. Stryker, Space Tribe – Dirty Tricks (Original Mix) (United Beats Records)
  23. Mad Tribe – Sound Horn Ok (Original Mix) (Digital Om)